Who Knows the Bride Best

This bridal shower game is editable and can be customized with your own text. Instant download or create custom printable who knows the bride best party game and print. The printable PDF file will include 3 sizes of game cards and an answer sheet if required.

Who Knows the Bride Best

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WORDS LIST: 1., What, is, her, favorite, movie?, 2., Where, was, she, born, 3., When, is, the, wedding, date?, 4., What, is, her, dream, car?, 5., Where, did, she, meet, the, groom?, 6., Who, is, her, ultimate, celebrity, crush?, 7., What, was, her, first, pet?, 8., What, is, her, shoe, size?, 9., What, is, her, favorite, food?, 10., What, was, her, most, embarrassing, moment?, 11., What, is, her, favorite, color?, 12., What, is, her, biggest, pet, peeve?, 13., Where, will, the, honeymoon, be?, 14., What, is, the, name, of, her, favorite, book?, 15., What, was, her, first, job?