Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game

This baby shower game is editable and can be customized with your own text. Instant download or create custom printable pass the prize baby shower game party game and print. The printable PDF file will include 3 sizes of game cards and an answer sheet if required.

Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game

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Pass the Prize Baby Shower Game is one of those fun ice breaker games that do not need lot of planning and is easy to setup.

Best part is everyone can participate and have a blast. It is sure to be an entertaining game that everyone will remember long after the baby shower event.

How to play Pass the Prize Game

To play this game, you need a wrapped gift, and printed paper with instructions.

To get started,

  • Download and print Pass the Prize Game.
  • Have the guests sit in a circle.
  • Hand over the gift to someone to start the game.
  • Start reading the instructions on the paper and have the participants follow them.
  • The person at the end of the game will be the winner.
WORDS LIST: 1., Let's, start, this, game,, with, this, fun, rhyme, ...., the, gift, goes, to, the, one, you've, known, for, the, longest, time., 2., If, someone, wears, an, item, of, blue,, she, must, take, this, gift, from, you., If, blue, cannot, be, seen,, next, one, to, grab, is, green., 3., Don't, take, this, but, read, another, verse,, please, pass, it, to, the, girl, with, the, largest, purse., 4., Sorry., You, can't, keep, it, but, have, to, share!, Pass, it, to, the, one, with, the, longest, hair., 5., You're, doing, awesome!, What, a, success!, Pass, it, to, the, guest, with, the, most, buttons, on, her, dress., 6., There's, no, time, to, practice,, no, time, to, rehearse, ...., it, goes, to, the, one, with, the, smallest, purse., 7., Alas,, this, gift, is, not, for, you, ...., but, it, now, goes, to, the, one, with, the, largest, shoe., 8., You, cannot, keep, it, for, sure, ...., since, this, goes, to, the, one, with, the, pretty, pink, manicure., 9., Today, has, been, such, a, fun, day, ...., pass, it, to, the, lady, with, the, nearest, birthday., 10., Roses, are, red,, violets, are, blue, ...., you, must, pass, it, to, the, one, right, of, you., 11., The, shower, is, almost, over, and, drinks, are, nearly, gone,, pass, this, to, the, lady, with, the, largest, earrings, on., 12., We're, ending, this, fun, game,, this, is, the, last, poem,, the, gift, you, are, holding, is, yours, to, take, home., Congratulations!